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International Languages Home is a company specialized in publishing and translating foreign languages.

It started its activity in 1999, and since then, the company has been working on developing its activity and enriching its expertise effectively, keeping pace with technological development in the field of publishing, translation, design and artistic direction, which put the company among top translation and publishing companies in Egypt and the Arab world.

Our Mission

Providing distinguished educational aids for self-teaching foreign languages and enriching the Arab library with translated copies of masterpieces of world literature and best-selling books in the world. This is done through a distinguished work team that studies the market, produces interactive educational programs, and markets them in Egypt and the Arab world. In addition, the company provides certified professional translation based on professional and approved policies, procedures and work cycle.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in Egypt and the Middle East in producing, publishing and marketing educational programs for foreign languages as well as translating, publishing and marketing the best international literature.

Our Values


The credibility of the company is one of the most important characteristics of our company

customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of the company's main pioneers


The joy of learning and the passion for reading

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We preserve all customer rights, purchases and electronic payments