14th Deadly Sin


14th Deadly Sin

  • Writen byJames Patterson
  • PublisherInternational Languages Home

Sin 14 deadly

When the city of San Francisco comes under siege and everything becomes a villain, the members of the gym to unravel the murder mystery risk their lives to save the city and themselves.

Having a beautiful little girl and a devoted loving husband! In fact, things are looking good for every member of the (unusually) sorority. Coroner Claire Washburn's birthday party is interrupted shortly after its start when Lindsay is called to the scene of a horrific crime; Where a woman was killed in broad daylight.

After they warm up to the lady, they recover and release a video of another crime. As the anger builds and the rage across the city builds, Lindsay and her friends must risk their lives in the name of justice, before it's too late.

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Book Title 14th Deadly Sin
Book Author James Patterson
Book Language عربي
Book Pages 316
Book Publisher International Languages Home