The Black Book


The Black Book

  • Writen byJames Patterson
  • PublisherInternational Languages Home

black notebook

James Patterson says: I have my favorites among the novels I've written. And with each of these novels, a beautiful feeling accompanied me when I finished writing them. As for this novel - The Black Notebook - I think it is the best work I have written in the last twenty-five years.

I present to you Billy Harney. The son of Chicago's chief detective, he was born to be a police officer, and there's nothing he can't sacrifice for his work. Then comes Amy Lintney, an assistant state attorney who's determined to make a name for herself - by proving that Billy isn't the model police officer he claims to be. .

A horrific crime leads investigators to an entertainment house frequented by Chicago's most influential people. There's plenty of evidence at the crime scene, but what's important is what's missing: the lady's black book.

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Book Title The Black Book
Book Author James Patterson
Book Language عربي
Book Pages 420
Book Publisher International Languages Home