The First Lady


The First Lady

  • Writen byJames Patterson
  • PublisherInternational Languages Home

The disappearance of the first lady

I've always been fascinated by the idea that one secret could bring down an entire government
What if the secret affair of a head of state becomes his worst nightmare? Enter this scenario mined Sally Grissom, Commander of the Presidential Protection Forces. President Tucker and his chief of staff summon her to a secret meeting at the White House. What they tell her is something she would never expect. It's the first lady's disappearance that follows the president's affair just two months before re-election. Plot so the first lady looks like she's escaped to a safe place to escape the raging press storm. But you know that a drastic change of events is coming, as if the White House receives a ransom note with what looks like the first lady's little finger. And now Sally is in a race against time, and she can't trust anyone. Especially after evidence led to this puzzling question: Could the kidnapper be from inside the White House?

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Book Title The First Lady
Book Author James Patterson
Book Language اللغة العربية
Book Pages 312
Book Publisher International Languages Home