Kill Me If You Can


Kill Me If You Can

  • Writen byJames Patterson
  • PublisherInternational Languages Home

the ghost

Matthew Bannon, a poor art student living in New York City, finds a duffel bag full of diamonds during a violent attack on Grand Central Station, and plans to live a velor life with his gorgeous girlfriend Katherine - until he realizes he's being hunted, and that whoever pursues him won't let go until he gets the diamonds back...and gets revenge on him. The sharpest revenge
He was being tracked by the Ghost, the world's most skilled assassin who had just finished his biggest assignment: the murder of Walter Zelfas, a senior member of the International Diamond Syndicate. There is just a small problem. The diamond he was supposed to retrieve from Zulfas is missing
The ghost now knew where Bannon was - but there was a rival hitman who also knew where Bannon was and wanted nothing more than to make the ghost disappear from life forever. America's number one novelist, according to Forbes magazine, gives us a fast-paced tour of love, greed, suspense and risk.

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Book Title Kill Me If You Can
Book Author James Patterson
Book Language عربي
Book Pages 328
Book Publisher International Languages Home